Are you ready for a FAST180?

November 27th, 2008 – 7:12 am

Happy Thanksgiving!

As usual, I got an early start today. Marcia and Buddy the “Wonder Dog” are both still snoozin’, so I figured I’d seize the opportunity and update this blog.

Right now the big focus is the FAST180’s new sponsor, iLearningGlobal. At the recent BNI Conference in Long Beach, CA, Dr. Misner announced a new partnership between the Misner Charitable Foundation and iLG.

Makes sense. The mission of the Misner Foundation is to empower Children’s Education and iLG is perfectly positioned to be the “Future of Learning.” Good fit? You bet.

Bottom line: Dr. Misner’s partnership with iLG is already generating much needed funds to continue the Misner Foundation’s good work. Namely, helping build schools and granting scholarships to students in need.

To paraphrase the iLG website, iLearningGlobal brings the absolute best in personal development learning, with cutting edge technology to you 24/7.

Today’s top specialists, including Dr. Ivan Misner, are coming together as the premier faculty of thought leaders in the field of personal development and business coaching, offering their secrets and expertise through video, audio and e-book libraries in full screen, hi-definition quality.

I’ve been checking out the various programs on iLG and they are great!

Anyway, not only is iLG on the right side of technology, bringing together a state-of-the-art learning experience via the internet, its business model taps into the huge, and growing, trend toward networking marketing.

By aligning the Misner Foundation with iLearningGlobal, anyone who makes an investment of $79/month in their own personal development and business education thru the Misner Foundation’s iLG website, will be directly contributing to this very worthy cause.

And because it is a network marketing business model, anyone who finds themselves telling other people about iLG’s incredible value can generate some extra income too! Personally, I think that type of cash incentive is really cool.

Either way, the value of the material, combined with the state-of-the-art online experience, is much more than the monthly fee of $79 to someone who understands the value of ongoing personal development. Compared to the costs of seminars or CD audio books, the monthly investment is a bargain. And if people want to generate some extra cash flow, great. If not, the product stands on its own!

So that brings us to the FAST180. Always looking for opportunity, we too have joined forces with iLG, and everyone here at the Anytime/Anywhere Studio are both proud and excited to have iLG as our first official sponsor!

Like I said, iLG has been at the top of the list over the past several days, but as always, there’s lots of other stuff goin’ on.

One of the current big ticket items include the next two FAST180 webcasts which will continue our focus on how to use these new-fangled social networking websites like LinkedIn, Meetup, MySpace, E-Cadamy and FaceBook. Heard of these websites but don’t know what the heck they are? These webcasts are for you!    

It’s no news that the current economy has most of us scrambling, a few months, or less, away from real financial pain – missing mortgage payments and trying to put food on the table. For a lot of folks, it just ain’t pretty right now.

Sure some will sink into emotional depression and other counter productive states, but I choose to focus on opportunity and solutions. And of course, I’m not alone. There are millions of people with a will to survive and a drive to succeed, who are going online in search of new opportunities and their slice of the online economy. These are the people we want to be networking with on the FAST180.

OK great. We know our target market. But here’s the funny part. Our target market is a group who wants to get into all this online networking, but the operative words is “wants.” They know they should be doing it, they just don’t know how. And that’s where we come in.

Nate and I are really just now learning about all this stuff ourselves. We want you to learn as we do, and that’s why we are so excited about the next few weeks.

Next week’s webcast, featuring Beth Anderson of, serves up We will focus on the very first step of setting up an account and user profile. And that’s it. This will be a nuts and bolts, A-B-C instruction on getting started.

Subsequent webcasts will be an ongoing, one step at a time series on how to create positive results in our businesses, and our lives, through online and face-to-face networking.

Bottom line: We understand that our FAST180 community, at least most of us, don’t know how to use, but most of us would like to. And that’s what we will all learn together next time, when our adventure in networking continues…               go to for more!


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