More than Money – Part 1

Six Key Situations


pt-super-hero4Imagine yourself sitting at a desk. You are looking at a computer screen flashing short videos of two people talking. Although one person changes each time, the other person is always dressed in a Superman suit, complete with bright blue tights and a flowing red cape. Notice however that instead of a big “S” on his chest, there is a big “PT.”


The “PT” stands for Power Team and the person in the video wearing the Superman suit is your Power Team partner. Each 30 second video shows your Power Team partner chatting with a random person. Guess what? Your Power Team partner is prospecting for you!

The scenes are random and vary from waiting room chit chat at a Doctor’s office or Grocery Store line, to Chamber of Commerce press-the-flesh sessions and Industry Trade Shows. You are simply watching and listening as the two people talk.  

wessing-cake3Now look at the computer keyboard. Across the top are six new keys you have never seen before! The first is dark green like the color of money and the size of a Silver Dollar. It is labeled “Getting Married.” Each of the other five keys are the same size but different colors.  

Imagine how great it would be if you could make money by hitting the green “Getting Married” key every time the topic of conversation on the computer screen turned to someone getting married. That’s it! As soon as the prospect talking to your Power Team partner says they, or someone they know, is getting married, you hit the key and CaChing – you get paid! 

Five More Hot Buttons 

It gets better! The other five keys are labeled:  

New Baby
Building a Business
Get Healthy
New in Town
Building/Improving a House

Every time the topic of conversation indicates that the prospect, or someone they know, is experiencing one these Six Keymoney-bags5 Situations, you hit the correct key and once again CaChing – you get paid!

Pick Your Team

Remember, you pick the people and businesses on your Power Team. Knowing you can hit the “Getting Married” button and get paid, it makes sense for you to start networking with people at a Tuxedo Shop. Or a Caterer, Florist, Event Planner, Photographer… you get the idea! 

OK, stay with me. Suspend your subconscious mind from wondering about what weddings have to do with you making money. We will get there. Trust me. But for now I want you to think about getting paid from conversations involving people buying/building or improving a home or building of any type.

Let me rephrase that. Regardless of what business you are in, when a prospect talks to your Power Team partner about someone they know in any of the Six Key Situations, you get paid. In this particular case, you would start networking with a Realtor, Interior Designer, Mortgage Officer, Architect, and Furniture Salesperson. Right? 

question3Confused on how you are going to get paid from your Power Team talking to people about weddings, houses and the other Key Situations which may or may not have anything to do (or so it appears at the moment…) with your current business? Stick with me – we’ll get there. Soon. Very soon. In fact, I’ll get started right now on Part 2 and will post it next time, when our adventure in networking continues… Follow Me on Twitter!


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