Money Talks – Learn the Language

By Lee Abraham


bragging-buddy-53Last time out, we watched our favorite Realtor, Manny Goodbuys, create an ongoing stream of money making referrals for the Chiropractor in his Power Team business network. 

How? By giving an enthusiastic and compelling recommendation to a Personal Injury Lawyer and suggesting the two get together to talk about referring business back and forth.

A little further back in our networking adventures, we observed Dave the Nutrition Guy talking to an expectant mother about Pre-Natal vitamins and then asking a couple of  simple questions that resulted in business for the General Contractor, Attorney and Life Insurance person on his Power Team. 

What Questions?

Dave has been trained to recognize that people expecting a new baby often want to make changes around the house before the baby arrives. In our example, the prospect needed to enclose a covered patio off the master bedroom to serve as a nursery for the new baby.

Further, young parents almost always know question-art2they should protect the growing family with a Will and Life Insurance, but too often don’t take the time to do it. 

After asking a couple of questions and helping the prospect recognize their own need, he gave enthusiastic and compelling recommendations for the General Contractor, Attorney and Life Insurance person. That’s right, Dave the Nutrition Guy created money making referrals for all three!

Side note: Dave’s networking partners are even more motivated now and on the lookout to return the favor and make business for him.

Nuts and Bolts

Are you ready for the big money shot? Yes? OK, great! Write this down: Opportunity is often disguised as work.

As we mentioned, Dave the Nutrition Guy was trained to not only recognize opportunity, but how to seize it and create money making referrals for his Power Team. I would like to show you how to do the same thing. That’s where the work comes in. 

Here’s the process:

target-follow-up21) Identify your Contact Sphere
2) Recognize which of the Six Key Situations are no-brainer referral frenzies for your Contact Sphere
3) Make the connection of which other Contact Spheres also thrive on the Key Situations that work for you
4) Learn the Golden Goose referral sources for each of the Six Key Situations so you can create ongoing streams of referrals for your Power Team 

Your Business is Your Business

Every business can be categorized into one of six Contact Spheres. Sometimes more than one. Let’s save that concept for later. Right now we are going to keep things simple. It is critical to know which Contact Sphere your business belongs to as the first step toward building your Power Team. 

So let’s eat the elephant one bite at a time and start with a review of how to identify your Contact Sphere. Good news? I’ve already done my part… click here to learn what you need to know about Contact Spheres!

Key Match Networking™

Now that you know which Contact Sphere you are in, it’s time to identify which of the Six Key Situations connect with your Contact Sphere to create the most referrals for your business. red-flag-25Not sure what the heck these Six Key Situations are? Click here for a crash course on the Six Key Situations.

Key Match Networking™ uses these Six Key Situations as “red flags” to help you more easily recognize opportunity and generate money making referrals for your Power Team. To keep things simple, here’s a very brief overview of the top one or two best Key Situations for each of the Six Contact Spheres:

Events: Getting Married
Real Estate/Finance: Building/Improving Home and New Business
Wellness: New Baby and Get Healthy
Home Improvement: Building/Improving Home and New Baby
Business Services: Building/Improving Home and New Business 
Personal Services: All Six Key Situations

What’s Next?

Once you have identified the Key Situations that work best for your business, you can then recognize the other Contact Spheres that also thrive next-time-55on the same Key Situations as you. From there, we get into Key Match Networking™ among the Contact Spheres. 

Finally, recognizing the people and businesses that are Golden Goose referral sources for each of the Six Key Situations puts you in position to be a referral Creator for someone on your Power Team everywhere you go. So, what do you say we go there together, next time, when our adventure in networking continues… Follow Me on Twitter!  


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