MLM – Sell Your Soul or Just Products and Services?

by Lee Abraham


deal-with-the-devilEveryone is in business to make money. Question: what are you willing to sacrifice to get there? Time? Gratification? Integrity?


I hope you said, “two out of three.” Investing time and delayed gratification are unavoidable sacrifices every single Power Team networker must be willing to make on the road to success. Integrity is another story. Your good name and personal brand must be protected at all costs.


Face it, right or wrong, people judge you every day. From the car you drive, your clothes and the house you live in, to the words you speak and way you treat others, people are taking notes and keeping score. Your job: do your best. That’s it. Plain and simple. Be the “best you” that you can be and let the chips fall where they may. And a big part of the being the best you is making smart decisions!


Big Dogs – Tall Weeds


It has been said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Hang out with millionaires, chances are you’ve got money. Roll with environmental activists and I’ll bet you’ve got passion. Network with MLM’ers and, well, do me a favor and fill in the blank yourself.


Last time out, we looked at MLM and why it carries a stigma, particularly in networking circles. Conclusion: MLM is a dual edged sword. And which way the blade cuts is a function of the person, NOT the business model. swordDone right, MLM’ers can be a tremendous value to your network. Gone wrong, MLM’ers will burn the bridges you’ve work so hard to build.


So tell me, do you want MLM’ers in your Power Team Network?


Take a Test


Understand that you are a “Bragging Buddy” for each person in your network. Your primary job is to create money making referrals for the other people on your Power Team and in turn, train them to do the same for you.


To be an effective Bragging Buddy you must believe in the value of the product or service, and also have a strong emotional feeling the prospect will love working with your Power Team partner.


Check yourself. How do you feel when someone tells you that their business is “Network Marketing” or MLM? Wait! Before you spit up your drink, please loosen your collar and take a deep breath. RELAX. Now, picture on your mind’s hi-def flatscreen a nice, smart and savvy MLM’ who scores 100% on the following test, and take notice if a sense of calm begins to ease your troubled mind.


Does this person represent a product or service I believe is a good value with measurable benefits to the consumer?


Is this person more interested in what’s best for the prospect rather than simply making more money and signing up everyone who fogs a mirror?


Is this person committed to their MLM team business model, supporting their downline to generate income with useful help?


Will this person understand that the Power Team is the Sales Force, not the Target Market?


pyramid-3Yes Men (and Women)


Let me make this simple. You are looking for “Yes” men and women. People who can answer all four questions with a resounding “Yes!” A single “No” blows ‘em out of the water. Want to know why? Check back next time as we jump through hoops and channel the power of the pyramid, when our Adventure in Networking Continues… Follow Me on Twitter! 


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