MLM – Make Less Mistakes!

by Lee Abraham


hung-out-on-the-lineLast two posts we talked in general terms about MLM’s bad rep, particularly among the networking crowd. Bottom line: networkers know there is nothing more sacred than your integrity and Personal Brand, and yes, there are risks of recommending an MLM’er to someone you like and trust.


Face it, referring prospects to your Power Team exposes you to the possibility of your networking partner dropping the ball and making you look bad. And that can happen with any type of business, not just MLM. Either way, nothing kills the trust you’ve worked so long and hard to build than a prospect doing business with one of your networking partners based on your compelling, heart felt recommendation, only to have the referral go horribly wrong.


“It” Happens


Hey, it happens. Every once in a blue moon circumstances beyond the control of your Power Team partner get in the way of making a good first impression. That’s where communication skills come in. Call it damage control. We’ll spin those wheels some other time. Right now let’s keep our focus on avoiding mistakes rather than cleaning up a mess.


Power Team networking is all about quality control. If one of your networking partners proves to be more of a liability than a credit to your good name, you’ve got to cut bait and start fishing for someone new.


Even more important: before adding a new business to your Power Team mirror-2make sure the person operating the business has what it takes to make you look good in the eyes of the prospects  you will be sending their way.


Let’s extend an olive branch to all MLM’ers at large who may not know any better. So far, we’ve looked at the MLM puzzle from the view of the Power Team. Time now for a FAST180 as we change perspectives and piece together the do’s and dont’s of Power Team networking from the MLM’ers side of the looking glass.


Two Ears, One Mouth


Take a note: most people tend to shy away from strangers who act like they know what’s best for them before getting to know the person first. Presumptuous? Arrogant? Insensitive? Take your pick.


Unfortunately, these churn and burn fortune peddlers play the numbers game, preying on a weak minded minority willing to take a huckster’s “easy money” carpet ride simply because they were asked. Poor saps.


Listen: Power Team MLM’ers start relationships with new people by asking questions to get to know them and learn about who they are. Using the “Two Big Trigger Questions” we’ve explored in a previous post, are highly effective tools for uncovering needs the other person may have which a product or service from someone on the Power Team can satisfy, and result in a money making referral.


I hear the typical MLM’ers knee jerk reaction loud and clear: “Everyone needs more money and telling them about my business opportunity IS what they need!” biz-oppOK, fine, I get the concept that you help people make more money.


Now it’s your turn. I’ll be blunt: do NOT open the conversation with people you are meeting for the first time, either in person or online, by asking if they want to replace their current income in a few short weeks, or to join your rapidly growing team so you can all live the life of your dreams. It’s a timing thing.


Like it or not, shooting first and asking questions later is not how we build trust and gain confidence in a Power Team network. Or anywhere else for that matter.


Slow down tiger. Wait a moment or two. Power Team networking is all about farming, not hunting. Building relationships takes time. But the delayed gratification is worth it. How? Once your Power Team gets to know you, like you and trust you, they will begin to refer people to you who have already expressed an interest in your Network Marketing Business Opportunity!


Squeeze This


So that’s the payoff. A Power Team of “Bragging Buddies” who are talking to people on a daily basis and trying to send you business. Sit up straight and put on your happy face. Yes, it’s true: your Power Team understands that your business thrives on building a downline!


So far, it’s all good. The problem is taking a position that everybody should build a business with you before you even get to know them. Sorry. While a small percentage may jump on board, most people will be put off. Trust me, shoving an unwelcome income opportunity down someone’s throat the first time you meet them makes the Power Team partner who recommended you look bad. And that’s hard to stomach.


This is a big topic. So big, I want to make a meal of it. Ready to dig in? Consider the next serving an Online/Social Networking hors-de-oeuvre: Using a Squeeze Page pitching your business opportunity as the first website new people see is not a menu option.recipe-missing-ingredient1 Very unappetizing! In fact, we’ll crank up the heat and show you the door quicker than you can say, “I smell something burning,” if hard sell is what you are serving online.


For a few more overcooked, too spicy and otherwise inedible MLM dishes which have been forever banned from the Power Team kitchen, join us next time, when our adventure in networking continues… Follow Me on Twitter! 


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