Take a Moment: #Dream Tweet

February 27, 2010


The Rock and Roll Guru, aka Joe Heuer

Everyone knows society has a limited attention span. And if we took a moment to think about it, we would agree the collective consciousness is shrinking. But who has time to think?

Let’s change the subject. Short, easy to read books are the rage. Especially if they are brilliant and well written.

Okay, enough of that. Let’s talk. Are you among the millions of self respecting baby boomers who struggle to balance real life responsibilities with a burning desire to “live the dream?”

Is your inner rock star tired of waiting to take center stage as a headliner on the concert tour of life?  

Meet the Rock and Roll Guru. He has the answers. And a short, brilliant and well written new book, #Dream Tweet, Enlightened Inspiration from a Rock and Roll Guru. Read it. Rock on!


Society’s Limited Attention Span – Blame Seth Godin!

February 22, 2010


Video didn’t kill the radio star. Neither did TV. And digital media hasn’t buried ink and paper books. Never will. Sure, the latest and greatest digital delivery systems like Kindle, the IPad and whatever’s next, continue to morph the publishing industry with mind melting speed. But regardless of where change takes our old friend the book, ink and paper will always have a role to play in the marketplace of ideas. 

Standing firm in my belief that ink and paper survives, changes are fast and furious. Not only the vehicle of delivery, but content itself. Face it, society is suffering an intellectual crisis and publishers are scrambling to adapt to our increasingly limited attention span. 

Blame it on Seth Godin. Godin’s brilliant series of short, smart and wildly popular best selling books like “Tribes” and his current gem, “Linchpin,” have set the standard for every aspiring New Times best selling author and thought leader wannabe.    

Got something to say? Say it clearly and quickly. Be authentic, clever and lead a tribe of passionate, like minded people who resonate with you and your message. Become irreplaceable by being as much of you as you can be. Of course, it helps to be a genius with valuable insight and a meaningful perspective, but there’s only one Seth Godin. That would make him a “Linchpin” of media transition and trusted tour guide on our collective adventure to whatever’s next.

Be a Linchpin yourself! Just don’t take too long to show us what you’ve got! Right? Write!