Lee Abraham

My name is Lee Abraham and “Adventures in Networking…” is my creative outlet for thoughts and observations on creating an ongoing stream of money making referrals for you and your networking partners.

Money on the Table Book

I am very excited about the release of Money on the Table, Referrals in the Bank, co-authored with New York Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Ivan Misner. It is truly an honor to be working with Dr. Misner on this project! Click here for more.

Background Information

Over the years, I’ve picked up a few insights, observing various patterns that repeat themselves over and over, as well as attributes and attitudes that all top performing networkers seem to have in common. I am here to share my findings with you!

My career in real estate spans over 30 years, including a stint of five years or so during which I retired from real estate (temporarily, as it turned out) to pursue my love of music, both as a musician and songwriter. I was also very active as a music journalist, writing over 100 articles for various arts and entertainment magazines around the country during that period of my life. 

Although I loved the world of music and journalism, after meeting my beautiful wife Marcia, I decided to dive back into real estate in 2002 and enjoyed several great years riding the real estate boom.

Are YOU Ready for a FAST180?

Over the past few years, the economy and real estate market in particular, has been a difficult environment, challenging millions of people to reevaluate their priorities, make changes and redirect their life. I am no exception.

For me, the creative juices are flowing stronger than ever, driving my personal “Fast 180” back to writing and publishing. This blog brings together the lessons I’ve learned in networking with my passion for creating a shared experience among a community of like minded people.

It is my sincere hope that readers of this blog gain valuable insight and useful information on creating their own Power Team of networking partners, giving and receiving an ongoing stream of money making referrals to build each others’ business.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog – I look forward to networking with you!!


7 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Dave says:

    Love the info here…..GREAT stuff!!!! Where do you find the “perfect” pictures to match nearly every main point? WOW!

  2. kaya singer says:

    Hi Lee

    Wonderful website. Thanks. Also thanks for following me on Twitter. I notice there is no way to follow you. I am intrigued so please explain. Kaya

  3. kaya singer says:

    Woops. I figured out the Twitter problem.

    I need about an hour to read your website info but I scanned it and enjoy your writing style. Thanks again. Kaya

  4. Hi Lee,
    Thank you so much for the invaluable help in sharing your wisdom with both BNI and twittering.
    As a personal publishing consultant I am really enjoying reading your postings. Following my passion of “Images without story are memories lost” I am so excited to be publishing my first hardbound Yearbook for our BNI Chapter. We’ll be surprising our outgoing president with a copy in the next few weeks. What can I say except, “Givers Gain!”

  5. Hi Lee, I belong to the BNI Eagles in New Port Richey Florida and we are a new Chapter. WE are doing awesome and we don’t even know how good we really are. I guess it’s because we are doing everything right. 40% of my Title Insurance Closings today are a result of BNI referrals. I am so surprised how “It works”. I was skeptical and now I am a believer. I am looking forward to reading your book. BNI has been a breath of Fresh air since my first days of joining last August 2008 and went through the eight weeks of Core Training. I will pass your information to my Contact Sphere etc.

    • Just about one year later and 80% of my business is BNI generated. I just had my IRS Tax Returns completed and my expenses were so low last year that I didn’t have to itemize. One may think, well she probably made less money. Wrong! I made more money and spent less. I budgeted my expenses all year and worked SMART. It’s a gamble and it worked. My CPA, a BNI member, saw the proof. I’m a Survivor in my industry.

      • Lee Abraham says:

        Good to hear Denise! Word of mouth networking creates results and I congratulate you on your success! Check back, we’ve got some great new content planned for this blog and be sure to tell all our BNI friends in Port Richey we say hello!

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