MLM – Make “Lifestyle Money”

February 24, 2009

by Lee Abraham


dream-life“Lifestyle Money” is the new buzz. Check around. You will find that blending an income stream seamlessly into your current lifestyle is the business model of choice for today’s leading edge wealth builders.


First trick of the trade: jump on board with the business opportunity that best matches what you are already into. That’s where the “lifestyle” comes in. These days there are more types of MLM business opportunities than ever before. From cosmetics, jewelry and cleaning products to travel, legal services and nutrition, just about anything you can spend money on is available through one MLM company or another.


A Rose by Any Name


Regardless of which opportunity calls your name, all MLM, or “Network Marketing” business opportunities have several common features and benefits that your Power Team needs to understand and believe in, to be an effective “Bragging Buddy” on your behalf.


Let’s start with another new term, “Home Business Franchise.” Running a “Home Based” business is all about flexibility. When and where you work the business is up to you. Want to wear those fuzzy bunny slippers home-officewith the matching bath robe while coaching your sales force or placing product orders with HQ? Go for it! Need to walk the dog and get on a corporate conference call at the same time. You can!


Perfect for stay-at-home parents, people with disabilities and folks living in remote locations, Network Marketing levels the playing field like no other business model. Plus, there is no formal education required. MLM is truly an “equal opportunity” with no bias on age, race or gender.


So whether you build your business over lunch, in the nooks and crannies of your life, or as a full time gig wheeling and dealing among the masses, you can make money from home with Network Marketing if you have the discipline to be your own boss!


Less Taxing


Like any business operating from home, MLM creates some terrific Tax Shelter benefits, enabling you to deduct a portion of your living expenses (rent, mortgage, utilities, travel, etc.) on your income taxes. Bottom line: even if you don’t make a big income, Network Marketer’s enjoy some well deserved tax relief!


But wait! You want BIG income? No worries. MLM packs a money making one-two punch that’ll knock your socks off. Forget the fear. Step into the ring chanting “Leveraged, Residual Income” and you will happily stand toe-to-toe against the competition, slugging it out with your eyes on the prize and the heart of a champion!


Train the Team


Just like all the other Power Team Networkers, MLM’ers must train the rest of the group to be a “Bragging Buddy” for their In other words, the Power Team needs to know how to quickly tell a prospect why you are the only person they need to talk to for your particular product or service. And in your case, that includes people who are looking for another stream of income and a home based business!


So get out your notepad. Jot down a few points on what we’ve already covered. Our goal is to explain your Network Marketing business opportunity in small, bite size pieces that your Power Team partners will remember when they shift into “Bragging Buddy” mode on your behalf.


Start with time flexibility, then the tax benefits of a home based business. Put the concepts into your own words. Have a very simple real life success story to breath life into these basic elements of MLM’s allure. Got it? Now let’s give ‘em the big money shot and take a closer look at how to explain “Leveraged, Residual Income.”


“Leverage” means you’ve got a “downline,” people you personally sponsored into the business who duplicate your efforts. Every time the downline sells a product, or better yet, personally sponsors someone else into the business to duplicate their efforts, you get paid!


“Residual” means the checks keep coming. Just about every current MLM opportunity is based on customers receiving product automatically on a monthly basis. And every time the product is shipped, you get paid. Keep a customer happy and you keep getting checks! Sort of like owning rental properties except there are no tenants, roof repairs or vacancies to deal with.


Start With the Product


Although we’re off to a good start, I hear the MLM’ers out there, moaning and groaning that Power Team networking is a slow, indirect way to build a business. And it is. But just like MLM, a Power Team leverages your time and energy, while feeding you an ongoing, residual stream of money making referrals. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Of course it does. So roll up your shirt sleeves and let’s get to work! Your job? Decide which type of product best matches your lifestyle. From there, we’ll find the best MLM company in that market.


healthy-peopleMake no mistake, working with a product line you believe in and use regularly is mandatory for building an MLM business with Power Team networking.


Need help? How about this: everybody wants to be healthy and look great. Including you! So what do you say we start there and get into the specifics of MLM and Nutritional Products, next time, when our adventure in networking continues… Follow Me on Twitter!