New Babies and Big Referrals

February 8, 2009

new-baby-3Dave the Nutrition Guy is talking to Ima Newmom, a young woman in her early 20’s. Ima is expecting her second baby in less than two years and was referred to Dave by her Mom, the Realtor in Dave’s Networking Group. The topic is Ima’s lack of energy and finding the right pre-natal vitamins.

A top notch networker, Dave’s referral radar is on alert. Why? He recognizes the “New Baby” Key Situation as a one of the biggest Power Team Targets he’s been trained to look for.

After answering all of Ima’s questions, making product recommendations, and placing the order, Dave puts away his product information and price sheets. He pauses for a brief moment, then looks deep into Ima’s tired but cheerful eyes. With a simultanious tilt of the head and slight squint of the eyes, subtly signaling sincerity, he asks, “So, how is everything else going with getting ready for the new baby? Are you changing things around at the house, and doing all the planning stuff like writing your Will and getting Life Insurance to protect the baby?”

Suddenly Ima is a little less cheerful and a little more weary. The look in her eyes acknowledge that Dave hit a nerve. Dave smiles. For starters, he is going to help Ima in more ways than just Nutrition. And to do that, he is about to create a few money making referrals for his Power Team!

Networking Sharpshooter

For those of you taking notes, Dave has not only identified the Target (New Baby Key Situation), he just pulled the Trigger, with a couple of carefully crafted questions to expose a need he can convert into a referral for someone on his Power Team.  

Guess what? It worked! Ima and her husband want to convert a covered patio off their master bedroom contractorinto a sitting room to use as a nursery for the new baby. Bingo – referral for the General Contractor! 

And yes, they’ve thought about a Will and know they need Life Insurance, but the young couple have been too busy with everything else to make those arrangements. No worries. Dave’s people will make the process easy! 

In fact, Dave gave such compelling recommendations, not only about the products and services, but how much he likes and trusts the people, Ima agreed it was time to get the growing family’s affairs in order and meet with Dave’s Power Team partners. Ima was so eager to get started, she gave Dave her number and asked that his Power Team partners call her right away! 

Lucky Guess?

Why didn’t Ima’s mom see the connections between her daughter’s needs and the prodcuts and services of her Power Team? Because she is more of an “Order Taker” than a referral “Creator” and overlooked the opportunity. She never asked and Ima hadn’t mentioned that among everything else going on in their busy life, she and her husband were thinking about a room addition, not to mention a writing a Will and taking out Life Insurance. 

Does that make Dave the Nutrition Guy lucky? Absolutely not. Dave knows that along with his Nutrition Business, which is in the Health and Wellness Contact Sphere, businesses in the Home Improvement and Finance Contact Spheres also share the New Baby Key Situation as a gold mine of referral opportnities. By asking a couple of Trigger questions to expose a need pertaining to the products and services of his Power Team partners, Dave has demonstrated masterful use of his networking Ammo belt:

Find Target: New Baby Key Situation
Pull Trigger: Asked two questions to expose a need
Fire Bullets: Gave compelling recommendations that resulted in money making referrals.

next-timeWouldn’t you like to have Dave the Nutrition Guy on YOUR Power Team? Better yet, wouldn’t you like to have a Power Team full of networking sharpshooters just like Dave, regardless of what business they are in? Hang on amigo, because that’s where we are going next time, when our adventure in networking continues… Follow Me on Twitter!